Angioplasty / Stent

If there are severe narrowing or blockages in the blood vessels of the heart (Coronary Artery Disease / Ischaemic Heart Disease), this often leads to chest discomfort which limits the ability to exercise and even perform the normal activities of daily living, and may eventually lead to a heart attack.

Angioplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that passes a deflated balloon into the blood vessel of the heart. The balloon is then inflated at the location of the blockage, expanding the blood vessel and re-establishing normal blood flow. A stent is usually deployed at the same site and left in the blood vessel forever, so as to prevent recoil and re-narrowing. As the stent is made of an alloy, it does not rust.

Patients need to be in hospital at least overnight for monitoring after an Angioplasty procedure.

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